Pan Adobe Cedar Homes

Pan Adobe Cedar Homes

The ‘Eagles Nest Plan Series’ are designs from the work of the Pan Abode Homes Inc. Pan Adobe Cedar Homes focus on building with red cedar. The company offers quality premium home services as designs follow templates offering reliability with flexibility. The company was established in 1952 and offers quotations and custom designs to serve clients’ needs. There are several modest floor plans and designs to choose from such as within the 'Eagles Nest Series'.

The company’s cabins are ideal for inexpensive comfort, quick to construct and well suited to individuals or families seeking a connection to the outdoors. Most of the 'Eagles' designs offer two-bedroom living with kitchen and bathroom; there are single room options available.

As wooden structures, designs can incorporate patio decks and overhangs for more space outdoors, these are ideal for recreational use hunting or fishing cabins. The metal roofs can be maximised to collect rain run off if collection tanks are installed. The cabins are equally suited to off the grid living. The large patio doors and windows offer efficient light indoors during day use. Cabin kits and do-it-yourself designs and packages cater to the more adventurous builders. Certainly, the ‘Eagles Nest Plan Series’ offers a uniquely styled option for construction.

Pan Abode Cedar Homes Inc. also constructs more high-end family cedar homes. The company boasts an excellent portfolio. The company has built several thousands of structures, selling worldwide. The materials are shipped to the client, often providing the structural shell. Complete building packages are also available, which include whole system packages consisting of a floor system, external walls and siding, windows, doors, the internal walls and roofing systems. All finished materials are provided.

Customer service is paramount at Pan Adobe Cedar Homes. If choosing a design package such as the smaller Eagles package and design, Pan Adobe Homes will be of service throughout the construction phases of the project.

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