Pacific Lodge Park Model Log Home

Pacific Lodge Park Model Log Home

Tiny homes are on the rise as a very affordable and freeing way of living! This Pacific Lodge Park Model Log Home, shows you that you don't have to sacrifice too much space when you are downsizing. You just have to focus on what you really need in your day to day living, and see that those needs are met and then build upon that as you go. Older houses never used to be as huge as some are now. It seems like so many people own houses that are more than they can afford financially and time wise as well.

This great 386 square foot, one bedroom and one bathroom house is a great example of what tiny house living can look like if the design and layout are done right. In addition to the living space and the one bedroom, there is also an upper sleeping loft that is capable of being a room for guests staying in the home, which is wonderful. The kitchen is a great size for tiny house living, and has plenty of counter space with a double sink, a full sized oven and microwave, and so much cabinet storage space. Storage is so important in tiny homes, so that you are not cluttered, which can easily happen in a small space that doesn't have a lot of storage.

There is a great triangular window feature above the sliding doors that lead out to the patio. Windows also help a space feel larger by opening them up to the outdoors. The sliding door also helps in this to minimize the area that is needed for door swing. They also give two large windows in the home allowing more natural light in. There are actually 2 sliding doors in this cute tiny home, which is even better!

The bedroom is nicely tucked away at the back, which is wonderful to even have a separate bedroom since usually tiny homes have an open concept living area where everything has multiple functions, or it will be in a stuffy loft that can sometimes feel claustrophobic. The idea of having a separate bedroom really appeals to most people, so its fabulous that this home has that feature. Tiny homes have definitely become very popular, and are becoming more of a way of life for people all over North America. People are realizing that you don't need much to make a good life and that sometimes less can be more. Head over to 'Tiny House For Us' by following the link in the description below!

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