Owl Wood Carving Garden Seat

Owl Wood Carving Garden Seat

Are you looking for beautiful, one-of-a-kind art furniture to adorn your garden? Then you might want to check out this gorgeous Owl Wood Carving Garden Seat, hand-sculpted by Andy Burgess with nothing less than a chainsaw!

It takes a keen eye and as a super-steady hand to sculpt fine wooden figures with a chainsaw. Professional chainsaw wood sculptor Andy Burgess has a great gift, being able to create stunning and original garden furniture out of mere wooden logs. He is able to carve just about anything, and he can carve something wonderful just for you. His favourite subject, however, is the owl! He knows owls by heart, down to the tiniest detail. Andy started his wood sculpting career in 2009 and has been at it for 6 years now. His brother, Tim Burgess, is also a wood carver, and hed inspired Andy enormously. When Tim found out Andy was also interested in wood carving, he helped him get started. Today, Andy creates custom-made sculptures for individuals and corporate clients. Do you need sculptural seating or organic design columns for your private garden or public space? Then give Andy a call!

Lets return to the owls for a minute as they are truly a highlight of Andys craftsmanship. How is he able to carve such a small beak and create all of those detailed feathers with such a large blade? It takes very slow and careful movements, and a whole ton of patience. He has to have total focus no distractions whatsoever! And what about those lovely large black owls eyes? How does he create them? With a blow torch, of all things. He uses one for all of his final touches, including the beak!

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