Outdoor Wood-Fired And Solar Ovens

Outdoor Wood-Fired And Solar Ovens

Have you ever wanted to go more off-grid, and save money while reducing your carbon footprint in the process? With these do it yourself outdoor wood-fired and solar ovens, you can enjoy your Summer even more by cooking outside and keeping the interior of your house nice and cool, all while saving cash and the environment. While it might be nice to grill outside, you cant grill everything and having an alternative wood burning or solar powered oven can allow you to make everything from pizza to cake in a sustainable way.

To make a wood-fired stove, you first simply need to make an oven out of Cobb, a combination of clay, dirt and straw that dries into strong bricks that you can use to construct your oven. Once you build the earthen brick oven, all you need is wood to keep the fire going and voila, you will be wood-firing your pizzas in no time. The only difference with a solar powered oven is that you dont need wood, instead you just use the suns rays which collect on a piece of aluminum foil on a box and heats up the box enough to cook food. With solar powered ovens, however, you may not be able to get enough sun on some days and the temperature wont go quite as high as with a wood stove, so these are better used in very hot and sunny regions.

When I was younger, I made a wood-fired stove in summer camp and really enjoyed it. First, we all took turns mixing and patting the Cobb material into bricks, then we stacked the bricks in a dome shape and finally we let it dry for a few days. It worked marvelously, and I remember that we had a great deal of fun cooking pizzas in the earthen oven that tasted delicious. Not only is it environmentally friendly to use a wood-fired or solar oven, but it also can be fun and provide you with savoury meals that you can cook outdoors and get fresh air while youre at it. You can even have the whole family come over, help build the oven, and then enjoy a special summer cookout afterwards.

Now you can learn how to make these amazing and sustainable wood-fired and solar ovens yourself. Please click the link below to the Web Ecoist website now for more instructions and other ways to go off-grid for cheap.

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