Original Design of the Western Style Coffee Table with Red Chief

Original Design of the Western Style Coffee Table with Red Chief

When looking for rustic cabin furniture, it can be hard to find just the right thing to suit a log home or cabin. Here is a great example of log wood furniture of the Original Design of the Western Style Coffee Table with Red Chief. Building furniture is an art that began many centuries ago. People have been building furniture as a way to enjoy the atmosphere of their home environment in comfort. Furniture is also added to a home for aesthetic purposes and to bring character and style to a home. The type of furniture someone will purchase largely depends on their own personal style. For example, someone who is living in a Victorian era home would maybe choose to decorate their home in furnishings of that era. More contemporary home owners will often choose more artistic and modern style furniture that reflects the style of the house. Log wood furniture is appropriate for any type of home where the owners want a more rustic and earthy vibe to their decor. This particular log table with a gorgeous statue of the Red Chief would look so beautiful in any log home or ranch style house and would be not only a functional piece of furniture, but a piece of art that people can admire and talk about.

Wood working is a craft that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is an art form that craftsmen and consumers highly regard. People who have a way with working wood, can create some really beautiful pieces that become a part of the personality of the house that the furniture is going into. There are other things that can be created by professional wood workers like furniture for the yard and outside, decorations for the home, and details in railings, siding or doors. Wood is one of the materials that people have been working with for centuries, and it is something that people in all cultures use and have used throughout history. It is a really special tradition of making things from the trees that come from the Earth so that we can feel connected to the Earth and the plant life here, even if we are in houses or in a building. The craftsmanship that goes into wood working projects is phenomenal and it takes so much patience, practice and precision to get the desired result. The bottom of this spectacular is made with wood. You can see that each piece of wood was chosen to make this special coffee table. That is one of the most tricky things when building furniture, especially building wood furniture like this piece, is to make sure that all of the pieces of wood at least look a little similar to each other. You can see all of the beautiful knots in the wood and how it has its own unique curves and bumps which make the piece super original.

The top of this table consists of a beautiful glass table top which has been made into a long oval shape for softer edges. The glass really gives the table a dynamic look. Then there is also an iron sculpture that goes through the surface of the glass table which is stunning. The sculpture is of a chief riding a horse and the horses legs go right through perfectly cut small holes in the table's surface. It is interesting to think about how they must have been able to work the horse and chief statue into the piece of furniture. Have a look at this piece and see what you think. Would you love a piece of furniture art like this in your home?*

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