Oreo Delight with Chocolate Pudding!

Oreo Delight with Chocolate Pudding!

The delight of all delights, the Oreo cookie! If you love Oreo cookies, then you will absolutely love this recipe for Oreo Delight with Chocolate Pudding! For all you history nerds out there or foodies who like to be in the 'know', here are some juicy little tidbits about the Oreo cookie that we all hold in great esteem! First of all, the Oreo cookie was first founded back in 1912 in Manhattan and had actually been a stolen idea from a cookie called the 'Hydrox'. If you are curious about this infamous Hydrox, it sounds as though the company may just be releasing them back onto grocery store shelves in the near future. The Oreo cookie filling has at least 5 patents on the make up of it, and perhaps that is why it is so incredibly addictive. I would be very curious to do a blind taste test of the Hydrox and the Oreo to see how they compare. Wouldn't you? Hydrox, however is not the best name for a cookie, which is perhaps why the product didn't take off as well as the Oreo. Hydrox sounds like some kind of bleach product or something more than it sounds like a name for a cookie.

As for Oreos, this famous cookie is seen in recipes that are abundant on the internet, and as much as they are not the healthiest recipes, for some reason these Oreo recipes receive high traffic from internet users. Maybe there is just something that make it near impossible to give up this guilty addiction. Going back to childhood practically everyone who grew up in the United States or in Canada, can remember eating their Oreos with a big glass of milk, just like in the commercials. Taking an Oreo cookie from the box and twisting the chocolate cookies apart to reveal a sugary sweet white icing that could then be licked off, and then then cookies could be dunked into the milk and savoured. Fast-forward to today, and the youth are still continuing to enjoy Oreo cookies in the same way. That is a legend of a cookie.

The recipe in the coming pages in a basic Oreo pudding pie that is combination of a crunchy crushed oreo base, topped with a creamy chocolate pudding (which you can buy store bought or choose the healthier way and make your own), a cream cheese layer and a whip cream layer. The top is decorated with the classic oreo sprinkle. This cake is best served cold from the fridge since the ingredients are quite soft anyways and you do not want it to fall apart. The kiddies will go literally insane when they see this one and even more bonkers from the sugar rush after eating it. Think of a chocolate no-bake lasagna cake, this is practically the same thing, or at least very similar. It is a great cake to make any time of year, especially when you need a quick and easy dessert to make. You basically take each layer and stack them on top of each other like you would for a meat and cheese lasagna, but in this case, it is a dessert recipe with sweet ingredients. The other great thing about this recipe is that you can make it ahead of time, as it needs to chill before it is served, so you can even make it the day before an event and it will be ready and waiting for you to present it to your guests or at the gathering you are attending. Make sure you save this recipe to your favourites, you never know when it could come in handy to have such a convenient recipe to prepare. Check out some of the other awesome recipes on Cakes Cottage too!

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