Orange BBQ Dump Chicken

Orange BBQ Dump Chicken

Do you want a nice and simple dinner idea, but just can't find any? This Orange BBQ Dump Chicken recipe is the perfect convenient freezer meal to give you a delicious meal with minimal preparation. Simply take your raw chicken (skinless, boneless breasts work best) and before you freeze it simply mix it in with the orange bbq sauce, a savoury sauce combining marmalade, bbq sauce and soy sauce, and then freeze it and voila! You will have an easy and quick meal to throw in the oven at the drop of a hat. Cooking doesn't always have to be hard, as this recipe clearly demonstrates, and with only a handful of ingredients and very little prep time, cooking a savoury chicken recipe couldn't be easier. All you have to do is just "dump" the chicken and sauce in a freezer bag and you have a go-to meal that will last weeks and only needs to be plopped into a pan and oven cooked. How easy is that?! And have you seen the photos? They look awesome, serving it with a nice green salad, and some rice would be so nice!

I have always loved easy and convenient freezer meals, that allow you to plan a whole week's worth of meals in advance. Which let me do all of my cooking on the weekends or whenever is most convenient for me to avoid hectic and rushed cooking sessions. It can get pretty busy during the week, and sometimes can be hard to choose a recipe and then make it. So it is awesome when you can make them ahead of time. You do a lot of work, but then you are left with a bunch of different dishes you can make during the week. Especially if you have a bigger family, these recipes are great. I also absolutely can't get enough chicken, which is by far my favourite dinner protein. So this recipe allows me to make the best tasting chicken ever, while saving me the hours of time it would usually take to marinate the chicken, and get the perfect sauce and flavour before I even turn the oven on. Many working couples are discovering that, with increasingly busy schedules and lives, it makes sense to plan out meals and freeze them so you aren't stuck trying to cook up a recipe last minute. Sometimes when you are hungry, you just want something right away and can't even think about what you want, let alone work on preparing it.

Making things ahead saves you from eating out a lot, which can get very unhealthy. Plus it can get really expensive too! This Aunt Bees Recipes website is so awesome, and has a lot of great dinner, lunch and breakfast recipes to share with us. They all look so delicious, and some are even very healthy for you. Try out some more of her recipes too! Now it is time for you to learn how to cook this easy and delicious orange bbq chicken dump recipe for yourself. Head over to 'Aunt Bees Recipes' by following the link in the description below for more!

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