Opera Singer Includes Grand Piano in his 269 Sq. Ft. Home

Opera Singer Includes Grand Piano in his 269 Sq. Ft. Home

You won't believe that it could be possible that this Opera Singer Includes Grand Piano in his 269 Sq. Ft. Home! Florian Voss, the proud owner of one of the Attefallshuset houses, a part of a project in Sweden, says he feels like he owns a villa. Florian Voss purchased the tiny home in Huddinge, where he sings at the Royal Opera every day. He is a very muscly inclined man, so he saw to it that a grand piano would fit in his tiny home. He loves living in the tiny house and says that he would have been paying more in rent than to own his very own home. His tiny home, although only 269 square feet, seems quite spacious because of the way it is designed and the way that it is laid out. The gorgeous windows that occupy the whole front wall of the home allow the space to flow seamlessly with the outdoors, creating the illusion of more space. Windows create the transparent walls that allow more light into his small space, and they create a very modern appeal to the home as well. The exterior is built out of wood that has been stained a nice, rich and dark colour, and the units all have a square design to them, allowing for a very simple and efficient layout within the tiny home.

The interior has been mostly painted white, and uses black accents for that slick, modern look and feel with a minimalistic style. The tiny home includes a full kitchen, the living room, which hosts his beautiful grand piano, and an upstairs loft that is where the bedroom is. The stair case features glass panels, which create that open feel, so as not to seclude the staircase from the rest of the house. There is also a bathroom in the house under the staircase, but this is not shown in the photos. With double entrances, one on the side of the tiny house, and one on the front created by the large window opening up part way, there is a lot of great airflow in the home, which is great for ventilation and overall air quality. This seems like the perfect amount of space for Florian to live happily in, and you can see in the photos that he does, in fact, seem very content in his tiny home.

The Attefallshuset house was originally designed to house young people and students comfortably and affordably. But the idea quickly took off in the housing market and is continuing to grow. Builders realize that not everyone can afford the high home prices or even the rent prices of certain apartments, so people are looking for more attainable solutions to owning their own homes. Kenta Sjgren is the developer of these projects and has been building the Attefallshusen and selling them as his full-time business. Attefallshusen is basically what we know in North America as a granny flat or a backyard apartment. The houses can be up to 269 square feet or 25 square meters, and can be built as accessory dwelling units to preexisting homes. They wonderful thing about these tiny homes is that you do not need a permit to build them at this size. There are however certain rules that must be followed and guidelines to stay within the code of building these tiny homes.

We are seeing more people building these homes to rent out to others, or to sell. These tiny houses are a great option for people who would like to live in the city but own a home of their own for less. Check out the great photos of this opera singers tiny house!

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