Only for People Who Like to Stay in Unique and Exotic Places

Only for People Who Like to Stay in Unique and Exotic Places

Looking for a a funky and interesting vacation rental and an experience that you will never forget? How about staying in these Two Trains Reclaimed and Converted into a Home? If you are they type of person that likes to travel the world and stay in unique and exotic places, then this Train accommodation might be right up your alley. But do make sure that you invite a few friends, and by a few, I mean ten or eleven friends. This place, which is found on Tiny House Pins, can be rented out through Airbnb, but the price is a bit steep at $934 Canadian, for one night. So, this is why you might want to bring some friends along, to pitch in on the cost and share this large space. The Chardonnay, as it is called, is located in Pokolbin, New South Wales, Australia. Marie, is the owner of the train accommodation and rents it out to travellers and people who want to know what it's like to sleep on a train.

The accommodation consists of two train carriages that have been remodelled on the inside to be like a home. If you didn't know any better you might just think that they were two old train carriages, but once you take a look inside, it is actually quite amazing how little it looks like a train, and more like an upscale mobile home. The interior features a living room area, with magnificent large, brown, leather chesterfields to lounge out on and a nice comfortable looking shag rug. A TV set sits in one corner, while a fire place occupies the other corner of the room, to be able to enjoy nice warm fires on chilly nights.

Also equipped with a kitchen that has all of the essentials to make your stay super comfortable. There is a sink and a gas stove and oven, with a microwave and a smaller sized fridge. There are many wine glasses for use, and plates and bowls and pots and pans galore in the kitchen area, organized on shelves that are exposed so you can have a clear view of everything that is in there. A long, chic glass dining table takes up a large portion of one of the train cars, and has enough seating for several people. There are even bookshelves in the dining area that are chock full of reading material, books and magazines, as well as a stereo to listen to music on. You can make yourself right at home here for a little while and enjoy all of the reading material. There also would be a lot to do in the area as well.

The bedrooms seem to all be in one train car, except for one in the train car with the kitchen and dining area. There are actually 5 bedrooms in total, with 8 beds total, so 12 people can sleep in the space comfortably. You can really spread out in here and have a really fun trip with some friends who all want to pool in and rent it together. There are 2 bathrooms and 3 toilets, so there is also no worry of fighting over bathrooms. Being out in the country, you have so much to experience. Including, as one guest mentions, real live kangaroos, as well as an outdoor fire pit and amazing wide open starry skies at night. They show weddings being held at the train cars in their photos, as well as a helicopter so maybe they do heli tours of the area, and even a hot air balloon so maybe you could even do a tour by hot air balloon. Wouldn't that be awesome?! Check it out more on Tiny House Pins and save it for the future if you want to have a big gathering of friends in Australia.

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