Only for People Who Like to Reside in Peculiar Places

Only for People Who Like to Reside in Peculiar Places

This small cottage "WHEAL ROSE ENGINE HOUSE" is located in Wheal Rose, Cornwall. The engine house tiny house has lots of character, and sits in a beautiful locations that you will enjoy. The tiny house engine house has lots of stone work, and red painted accents. You have lovely views from the upper patio, there is also a nice sitting area outside. Inside there are hight ceilings, wood floors and a cosy kitchen/dining/living space. This is a lovely tiny house to spend your holidays in.

Wheal Rose is a quiet village in the heart of the tin mining area of Cornwall. The coastal scenery and cliff walks of the area are breathtaking and the tiny cottages are close to the Mineral Tramway, a walking and cycling path that has been featured on the television programme Railway Walks. The path stretches the length and breadth of the Cornwall area and you can walk from the North to the South Coast in a few hours, passing lots of interesting and beautiful scenery and landscapes with along the way, with purple heather and Buzzards overhead.

It may surprise some, but what tiny homes lack in size they certainly make up for in design and style. With a smaller living space to work with, home owners can get creative and make the most of every bit of their tiny house. Tiny homes are not limited just because they have less space, but quite the opposite. More and more you are seeing unique and tiny house designs that just keep raising the bar. It is an exciting time to see what is going on with tiny home design, and the cool styles and concepts that you can see from all over the world with amaze and inspire you. This site is just one place you can go to take a look.

Some of the tiny houses you will find include the Treehouse by Baumbraum, Hood River Cabin, Peaceful Log Cabin, Amalfi tiny house living, Victorian Prepper tiny house, little foot tiny house, The Beach Cottage, Writer's Studio Barn, Nat and Roshni's House, house trucks, rolling house, Loras tiny house, electric bed tiny house, Collingwood hut tiny house, Koleliba tiny house, Whitby Island FabCab, Liberation tiny house, New Mexico strawbale and lots more.

The wonderful thing about so many of the tiny houses and small houses you see, is that there is just no shortage to the amount of detail you see in every nook and cranny. The size of a house is no indication to the amount of unique design features and ideas that can go into it. With so many tiny house designs to look at, you will constantly come across tiny homes and small homes that continue to raise the bar when it comes to any type of home design. It goes to show that design is about all aspects of a home, whether it be a larger sized home or a tiny home. It does not matter if the tiny home or small home is used for full time living, a guest house, a vacation home, artist studio, or writers cabin, everything that goes into a space is important. From the building materials you use to build your tiny home, to the property you choose to build your tiny home, and how you are going to complement that location that you are in. Tiny house design just keeps getting better and better. It makes you rethink the purpose and use of your home space, from how you are going to store everything you have, to what you see when you walk into a home and all the stuff that is going to be in your tiny house space.

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