Only for People Who Are Searching for a Premium One-Story Home (Click for Floor Plan)

Only for People Who Are Searching for a Premium One-Story Home (Click for Floor Plan)

Looking for a log home but want something a little more refined? Need a new home thats all on one floor? Then it might be worth walking through the 1,453 square feet of the Ilaris Home Plans from House UK. This stylish bungalow log home has loads of space and can be modified to suit your needs, whatever they may be. With its open-concept kitchen and living room area, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,453 square feet in total, the Ilari log home could be perfect for your family. It also has four terrace areas outside basically all around the house - so there is more than enough leisure space for you to spend time outdoors. The Ilari has a finished exterior, as well, giving it a much more polished appearance than the typical log home, which could be something youve been looking for especially if you want to build in an urban or suburban area. You will have all of the comfort and beauty of a log cabin in a luxurious home that blends in with all of those around it. Also, because it is a bungalow, this means there are no high flights of stairs. If you have young kids or older family members, this could be a great relief as you wont have to worry about anybody taking any falls. In fact, this could be the ideal living space for an elderly couple or parent, simply because everything is within easy reach and they would have no difficulty getting around.

House UK provides you with these log home floor plans with the understanding they can be changed in any way, shape, or form. They realize everybody has different needs and requirements, and they can build homes to order. If you like this floor plan but would prefer for a wall to be removed here, or added there, or if you need two full bathrooms rather than just one and a half, they can accommodate you. If you need extra closet space or even an extra bedroom, it can be done! So, when you study these blueprints, know they can be changed. Ultimately, this will be your home so you can make it your very own by adapting the design to your own unique vision. This is great news because quite often building companies dont offer this level of flexibility.

Located in Cambridgeshire, House UK offers a wide variety of housing projects to the public, including log cabins, log homes, wooden homes, and house-building packages. They offer a vast selection of floor plans on their website, and their designers are from all over the globe. House UK has been in business for more than forty years, building all kinds of high-quality wood, log, and timber structures. They only sell top-of-the line products made from renewably-resourced European fir. Their craftsmen hand-pick the wood, profile and mill it, and make all of the materials that will become your new home unlike so many other companies these days, they are there from start to finish, working from the bottom to the top, and are an integral part of the entire home-building process. For this reason, they always have your best interests at heart, and can modify any floor plan according to your wishes. House UKs website is jam-packed full of excellent log-home-building resources and information to help you on your journey. They also offer Holiday Lodges, Granny Annexes, and Mobile Homes, in case these are more in line with your needs at this time, or you know someone who is searching!

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