One Room Cabin Kit from $16,400 View Photos

One Room Cabin Kit from $16,400 View Photos

This adorable "One Room Cabin Kit from $16,400 View Photos" is a great place for a small family, grandparents or guests to stay in while visiting or away. This one room log cabin space has a bit of a rustic feeling to it, with its antique looking handmade door with unique hinges and its drawstring latch. This one room log cabin is a great place to spend camping, in a cut log cabin space where you can make lots of memories.

It's easy to imagine a one-room log cabin kits like this in all sorts of locations from forests, lakeside, beachside, and mountains. These one room log cabin kits are complete log cabin kits that have everything you need. You can also customize them by choosing additional upgrades that are offered. These one room log cabins are especially great if you don't have a lot of time, they can pre-build this log cabin and ship it to your location.

Included in the one room log cabin kits are the tongue and groove Douglas fir flooring, tongue and groove exterior side walls, and a wooden exterior door with a deadbolt lock. There are also front and rear windows made of tempered glass that are insulated, a porch with radius Douglas fir decking, posts, and rails, an exterior and interior stains, and varnishes with caulking for the log walls for the best finish to protect your log cabin. Gambrel cedar shakes (you can also upgrade for asphalt or a metal roof) come in the kit for the roof. You can also choose an electric package, double bed, bunk beds, a memory foam mattress package, and wall table. This one room log cabin kit is KOA campground approved. On this site, you will also find other log cottage kits to choose from whether it is two room kits, standard log cottage kits or deluxe log cottage kits.

There are lots of uses for a log cottage like this. You could use it as a guest cottage on your piece of property, a place for family and friends to stay when they come to visit. Or you might choose to purchase a log cottage kit to build at one of the many KOA campgrounds around the country. Typically these campgrounds are at locations where you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities from swimming, boating, hiking and fishing. You might even consider purchasing a piece of property that you love, and building one of these kits to stay in while you are there. Another idea you might consider is a piece of property that is large enough where other family members can also build themselves one of these log cottages, so each family has their own little place to enjoy. There is just something special about getting away and spending time with family and friends away from the city. It's important to take time out of our daily lives to relax and recharge. When we go back to work after a vacation, we are usually more productive, and can accomplish much more, given that we have taken a break. Sometimes it's hard to get away and make time for ourselves, but we have to remember to do it. Otherwise we can easily burn out, and feeling stressed.

Getting away and enjoying nature is especially important for children. These days we all seem to be so tied to electronics, whether it be the computer, video games or our phones. We all need to spend a little time away from these electronics, and get out into nature, breathe in a little fresh air, go for a hike and take time to play. We don't need to use the electronics when we are in a place surrounded by nature.

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