One of the Most Popular Log Homes and It's Easy to See Why the Log House Castle!

One of the Most Popular Log Homes and It's Easy to See Why the Log House Castle!

Check out the beautiful log home kits from eLog Homes. This is one of the most popular models and it's easy to see why... introducing the New Castle log house from eLog Homes. Just looking at the photo of the log house here, we can see why people love this model. It's a nice, classic yet modern style of log house, that is simple, yet has some personality too. The New Castle is 2050 square feet in total, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms spread out over one and half stories. This model is certainly for people who love big floor to ceiling windows, as the whole front profile of the log house is covered in them. Windows are always a great addition to any house since they bring in natural light, which can help to cut down on electricity and natural warmth from the sun which can help to cut down on heating bills too. Of course, a log house is not complete without a wood burning fireplace, which would be the focal point in the living room area and is located in the centre of the home to evenly distribute heat. It would be perfect to curl up with a good book and a warm cup of tea and enjoy the ambiance and warmth of the fire on a cold day.

The living room has a porch right off of it too, so there is easy access to the outside and perhaps a hot tub to enjoy and unwind in. The dining room and the kitchen are also open to the living room which makes for great conversational space when entertaining, and even in every day life. Imaging putting some nice, comfortable stylish sofas and oversized chairs in the living room and rustic looking log furniture as accents. People like to implement the cozy cabin decor in their log houses, which usually consists of warm tones and natural fabrics like wool and cotton. There hare some log houses that choose a totally different decor approach and go with a more modern look that includes mid-century modern style furniture in neutral tones, and the farm house style which incorporates a lot of country chic decor. Whatever the decor, this log house would be a great family home. Since there are three bedrooms in the house, it could suit a family of four or five with a couple of the kids sharing a room. Or, for smaller families, there would then be an extra room for an office or a guest room when friends and family come to stay. The nice thing is, the master bedroom is on the upper level, giving a lot of privacy from the rest of the house, with a private bathroom featuring a jacuzzi tub.

All of the log home building plans from eLog Homes can be modified and customized to a client's preference. It's so great to have the option to personalize your house and make it your own, instead of having a cookie cutter house just like everyone else's. Our homes are a way of us showing our own unique personalities and its a chance to express yourself and create a space that's all your own, a safe, comfortable haven from the rest of the world. That's one of the best things about building your own log home building kit, you get to choose everything that goes into your house. The log home building packages from eLog Homes will come with everything needed to build the model you select, and the nice part is, they are very easy to assemble, so you can even get the chance to have a hand in building your own house which would be something to be very proud of.***

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