One of a Kind Unique Rustic Log Pool Table

One of a Kind Unique Rustic Log Pool Table

It's always fun to go out and play some pool, either at a pool hall or at a friend's house who owns one, or better yet if you now one! Imagine having your very own pool table made out of rustic logs in a very unique design, the best thing is that These Pool Tables Are All Made To Billards Of America Specs and Regulations! There would be nothing worse than having a pool table that was not the right design or the proper specs for the regulations of the game. Some people who take the game seriously, might not even play on your table if it isn't up to par!

This one would be perfect sitting in the games room of a beautiful log cabin or home, it would fit into the design just perfectly, don't you think? It would even be great in a contemporary home, as long as the other decor matched it. The craftsmanship on the pool table is truly exquisite! The time and effort put in to crafting this table was well planned out and the way that the maker fit all of the pieces of large and small logs, worked out perfectly to form the whole table. The colour choice for the table top fabric goes well with the natural wood, and provides a nice pop of colour too! It is like the typical green colour fabric for a pool table, but maybe just a little bit bluer in colour, or maybe it could just be the photo colouring.

Either way, this table is awesome! And any man cave or games room would be proud to own it and share it with all of their friends! The wood worker over at Bristlecone Pine Furniture would probably be more than happy to craft you your own personal table too! Head over to 'Bristlecone Pine Furniture' by following the link in the section below for more!

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