One Man Found A Secret Room Behind His Walls Which Lead To This Discovery

One Man Found A Secret Room Behind His Walls Which Lead To This Discovery

About 50 years ago, a man in a small town in Turkey found a secret door behind his walls which led to an incredible discovery he would've never imagined-he had found an ancient city right beneath his very feet! While not the oldest or largest ancient city, Derinkuyu as its known is the deepest surviving ancient city, going down 18 stories below the surface of the Earth. It was used many times over the years as a bunker to hide in during times of war or hardship, and amazingly still has functional wells and the overall structure is still in good condition. It has been given lighting and opened up for tourists, and now this amazing city may soon become one of the next top global tourist destination.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this underground metropolis was the fact that it had been painstakingly carved out of stone, and yet had bedrooms, kitchens, even stables for livestock constructed as part of the city. One could spend hours, even days exploring the underground "lost" city without seeing everything, although doubtless it has its own dangers and pitfalls. Still who wouldn't love to go back thousands of years in time and see an ancient buried city made from stone and imagine who built it and why.

Personally, I have always loved ancient cities, people and objects because I believe by knowing where we come from we learn a great deal about the world we live in now. I have seen ancient cities before such as Rome, with its incredible Colosseum and gorgeous architecture, but it was above ground, and not quite as old as this city in Turkey must have been. Even though I would love to see this ancient city it would be difficult nowadays to convince most people to go 18 stories underground to visit a thousands year old city that would certainly feel a bit spooky and claustrophobic once you were down there. Still, people thousands of years ago must have been very much at home here, getting protection from the elements and other external threats while living in a fully functional ancient underground metropolis.

Now it is time for you to see this incredible "secret" underground city for yourself, and share in this amazing discovery! Please click the link below to the Imgur website for the full article and more gorgeous photos of this incredible ancient piece of history.

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