One Heck of a Gorgeous Log Cabin

One Heck of a Gorgeous Log Cabin

A 3 foot wide, somewhat rooty, somewhat rocky trail leads you to the National Forest Cabin on Denny Creek in Washington. This 6.0 mile round trip hike is family friendly with it's gentle, easy grade. There are numerous places to stop and take in the beautiful scenery as well as have a rest. The trail is closed to motorized vehicles, stock and bikes and is best enjoyed in the summer and fall. High, frigid and fast moving waters from snow melt make Denny Creek dangerous to cross in the spring. And to fully enjoy and complete the hike, crossing the creek is necessary. There are many incredible vistas to enjoy on this hike. Keekwulee and Snowshoe Falls are both beautiful, breathtaking and worth the journey.

The beautiful and incredible Alpine Lakes wilderness is the home to the cute little dark stained cabin with it's pine green shutters and white sheer curtains. With a lovely covered back porch and a inviting front deck with bench, this sweet little cabin with it's dancing, trickling sunlight is a quiet, peaceful place. Pictured on 'Cabin Porn', the National Forest Service Cabin is inspirational for those looking for your quiet place somewhere. Nestled in the Mt Baker - Snoqualmie National Forest, close to North Bend, Washington, there is endless enjoyment to be found for the outdoor enthusiast. An area rich in lakes, rivers and creeks, there is ample fishing, hunting, hiking, climbing, nature viewing and picnicking. Discover nature on a personal level as you raft the rivers, go birdwatching, or enjoy the winter pursuits of skiing and snowshoeing.

Mt. Baker is an active volcano that is perpetually snow capped. Just 15 minutes south of the Canadian border, living in the the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, I get to enjoy views of it's majestic beauty every day. Boasting extensive creeping glaciers, Mt. Baker glistens, shines, thrills and awes. It's summit, Grant's Pass is a 1,3000 foot deep mound of ice making Mt. Baker a popular ice climbing destination. Surrounded by so much awe inspiring and incredible beauty, the National Forest Service Cabin on Denny Creek, Washington is a little piece of heaven. To view the cabin on Denny Creek, along with other beautiful and lovely cabins, as well as find resources for cabin living, visit 'Cabin Porn' or following the link below.

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