One Car Garage Turned into Awesome Tiny House

One Car Garage Turned into Awesome Tiny House

Here we go again with more entertaining tiny home news, because they are just that popular. Just when you think you've seen it all when it comes to tiny homes, someone goes and does something even more ingenious like this guy with his one car garage turned into an awesome tiny house. People have done everything from transforming buses, campers, taking salvaged materials or pallets to make these tiny homes. Now this one car garage is proof that you can make a tiny home out of just about any rectangular structure!

This tiny house is essentially the same size as any small apartment in the city, with more financial incentives than the latter. In this article you get to see plenty of pictures of this tiny house to see how this guy is living comfortably in his one car garage. Of course as mentioned in the article, it's essential that you checkout your bylaws, zoning and regulations concerning something like this since the laws vary greatly from place to place. But if you're aloud, then you might want to consider doing the same.

You could potentially even rent it out if you already have a house with a garage that you don't really use. Again, it's essential that you check to make sure it's legal, but it would be a great additional source of income if it's okay ! There's plenty of innovative storage ideas that this guy implemented to comfortable and tastefully store all of his belongings, but it looks super nice and practical. The loft is pretty much essential in all tiny homes, so naturally this one has one too. If you want to see all the pictures for yourself to gain some inspiration, then just click on the link below and you'll instantly be redirected to the "Tiny House Talk" website.

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