Off-Grid Tiny House Made From Reclaimed Wood

Off-Grid Tiny House Made From Reclaimed Wood

Off-Grid Tiny House Made From Reclaimed Wood! Recycling has gone to the next level with this off-grid tiny house made from reclaimed wood. Like most tiny homes, this small home can only accommodate up to 2 people but it has enough space for a kitchen, living room, sleeping area, and a bath. Although its size may seem too tight at first glance, there is actually ample storage area for your clothes, furniture, trinkets, and whatever souvenir you hold dear in the cupboards and cabinets that line its walls. What makes this off-grid tiny house even more interesting is that it is made of 100% recycled or reclaimed wood. For nature-lovers, this home is both cool, stylish, and eco-friendly!

This off-grid tiny house made from reclaimed wood has several uses, other than it being your permanent tiny home. If you consider yourself an avid adventurer, or someone who frequents the outskirts for a little R&R, you may want to look into this tiny home design as your cottage. The best things about tiny homes is that they can also serve as a cottage or as a vacation home. They are affordable and easy to build, and most importantly, easy to clean. The best thing about living in a tiny home like this is that it is suited for very simple, clutter-free lifestyles.

This off-grid tiny house made from reclaimed wood also boasts other features. According to Tiny House Living, this cozy home runs 100% on solar powered energy that comes from two 225 Watt solar panels and six Trojan T-105 batteries situated on the top of the porch awning. It uses both AC and DC lighting and also comes with a water heater, fridge, and an RV water pump. Needless to say, don't underestimate the size of this stunning tiny-home. It comes jam-packed with all the amenities one may need for a simple, eco-friendly lifestyle.

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