Off the grid

Off the grid

You think you want to be totally off the grid and not attached to anything? No cell phones, computers, wifi, or the general buzz of city life and all the stress that comes with it? Well, check out this photo on Fun Substance and see if this would suit your fancy for an off grid home! As you will see, this house is anything but traditional. It is quite interesting and neat for whoever lives in it. I personally, wouldn't choose to live on it myself, but I think it is really cool! It is basically a tent on a raft, with a sail. Now this is rustic and back to basics! It even looks as though they have a little fire oven inside or something, since there is a chimney with smoke coming out.

The link doesn't provide any information about this off grid house boat, but I am sure, like me, you can use your imagination and visualize who might live in here and what the inside might even look like. It is a very innovative and interesting design, I will give them that! I wonder how far they go with it and where they travel to in it... It might just be for simple river travel. On the ocean I think this would be a little too fragile to be tossed around by the strong power of the ocean waves.

I wonder what it looks like inside... I imagine a little cot and a tiny table for one or two possibly, a little wood stove. Lots of books and a man who has always had a love of water and always dreamed of living in a house boat he built himself. It is always so great to see how other people live, it inspires you to think outside of the box!

Head over to Fun Substance by following the link in the description below for more! By the way, if you are the creator of this image or know details about this place, please email us as we would love to give you a direct link.

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