Now They Build Homes for Meditative Purposes... What Will Be Next?

Now They Build Homes for Meditative Purposes... What Will Be Next?

It was during my down times that I started doing a lot of reflections over the last year. It was a perfect time to reminisce and look back at the things I did last year that I needed to improve this year. Learn from the previous mistakes, stumble and fall BUT get up again. Reflection is one of the secrets to my success. At least once a day or several times a day, I take the time to reflect on my life, what I have been doing right, and what is not working well. OK, fast forward! Reflection is the key point that gave me the topic to write this post.

There are a lot of places to reflect but have you ever heard about these three guys named Manuel Rauwolf, Matthias Prger, and Ulrike Wetzel? They are the founders of Allergutendinge who built and designed this tiny meditative retreat house called project Seelenkiste, roughly translated as Spirit Shelter. Just like a monastic cell, this spirit shelter provides a living space for contemplation, study, and self-discovery through meditation. Speaking of the physical environment, it contains numerous intriguing feature that may be practical or impractical for a tiny house.

Its split level design puts the bed at mid-height amid the ground-floor living space and above the study room. The front wall folds down and serves as a deck, and the roof can be opened too; giving the tenant a close look at the surroundings. The ample built-in storage, furniture that can be stowed away, mini-kitchen with a backpacking stove and a basin fed by water jug on the shelf are only a few of its features. You may check out Small House Bliss website below and be fascinated with this tiny house designed for self-reflection.= There is something so special about this little slice of paradise.

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