Now Here's a Log Home with a Layout That Wastes No Space (Click for Floor Plan)

Now Here's a Log Home with a Layout That Wastes No Space (Click for Floor Plan)

This Blue Ridge Log Home might be just the thing you are looking for if you want a traditional three bedroom ranch style home that's affordable. This popular log home floor plan offers a spacious outdoor front porch with a beautiful hand-peeled railing and double picture windows out front. Inside this log home, your guests will be greeted by an open-concept great room that has a large stone fireplace that anchors the room and a cathedral ceiling with large timbers. The master bedroom has its master ensuite with room enough for a hot tub while the two other bedrooms share a second bathroom. The kitchen has its center island while the dining area has a laundry closet and access to the outside deck. There is no wasted space in this beautiful log cabin floor plan. The Blue Ridge is a great log home floor plan in a practical space saving design. This log home is 1,270 square feet, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This is just one of the log home floor plans you will find on the Hochstetler Milling Quality Log Home site.

The Hochstetler Milling company founded by Levi Hochstetler, who wanted to make classic log home living affordable to those dreaming of the log home lifestyle. The log home company successfully blended traditional log home craftsmanship with affordability. Log home craftsmanship has been the Amish trademark for generations. The log home company only uses the best quality building materials. The mill every log from the heartwood or the core of the tree, and never substitutes conventional lumber or logs for authentic timbers. Hochstetler Milling uses the most current, most efficient milling equipment and operations so they can reduce the labor and processing costs. And when you buy a log home from Hochstetler Milling, you are buying mill direct, so you are eliminating the middleman and the related costs that go with that. Now with the second generation of the family joining the log home company, Hochstetler Milling is set to continue fulfilling the dream of a quality, affordable log home lifestyle to more and more people in the Ohio, the Midwest, and even around the world.

There are different log home packages that you can purchase for Hochstetler Milling, from the Premium Log Home Package to the Premium plus log home package, and a log and siding package. It's no secret that log home living is something people around the world have known to love. Because log homes are built with natural materials, they are healthier to live in, and, in turn, more comfortable. You are will probably have one of the best sleep you've ever had in a log cabin, they are easier to breathe in and have something known as thermal mass. This simply put means that logs used in a log home can store and hold the transfer of heat. Wood also has a natural insulating ability. So the thermal mass of a log allows a log home to absorb heat during the hottest part of the day and then return it to the log home during the cooler night. When the weather is warm this property, in turn, keeps the log home cooler. This quality of log homes can also save you money on your heating and cooling bills, something that makes most of us very happy. Log homes and log cabins are best suited to be located in places that are close to nature; the two just fit together perfectly. So needless to say when you spend time in a log cabin surrounded by nature you can't help but feel relaxed!

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