Nothing but class! The Scottsdale Log Home for $213, 000.

Nothing but class! The Scottsdale Log Home for $213, 000.

Have you ever dreamt about owning your own desert oasis, chalet, log home or retreat in the mountains? Your own mountain paradise, with views across the valley or a fishing cabin by the lake? A city dwellers escape is urban and rustic and Nothing but class! Your own desert oasis, The Scottsdale Log Home, complete with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms - is yours for $213,000. 'Scottsdale' is simply the name of the log pacakge, however, out of interest, Scottsdale, is close to the "Camelback mountain", a hikers and naturalists dream, nestled in between Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. The hikers paradise is to climb the "Camelback Mountain" that got its name from looking like a camel lying down. This dream could be a reality if you want to get started and get your blueprints for this Scottsdale log home today! Due to the recent advances in log home kit technology it has never been easier to make this dream a reality! The best part about designing your own home, is you can custom order everything, even the shingle up on the roof! You can even get hand carver giant support beams, or install vaulted ceilings. There are some plans to include a wrap around porch as well.

eLog Homes prides itself on the types of wood it uses when building your dream home. These log-crafters use wood dried the slow, natural "air-drying" process (not "kiln-dried"). eLog Homes found that when using artificially dried logs, logs became brittle and harder to work with. They are also experts at the types of wood you should use to build you home and eLog Homes will never use wood that:

1) is made from small trees (that leads to having more in-line joints when building).

2) has 'soft knots' (that turn soft, shrink, and fall out), leading to leaking and repairs.

3) use a hard, heavy wood as it is hard to work with when compared to most softwoods.

4) use woods with strong odors.

5) use dense wood that doesn't fully dry out so it can attract mold to grow.

6) use wet wood that tends to twist and warp when drying, and causes gaps in the logs (and loss of wood contact in between the logs).

eLog homes predominantly uses White pine in their building of log homes as it stands out in building as it has a pleasant odor and has minimal flaws (like shrinking knots). They are master craftsmen and are building homes today that will be used for future generations. If you can see yourself living in a log home, get your blueprints for building your next Scottsdale Log Home for $213,000 from elog Homes today!

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