Not Tiny, but Still Small, and Absolutely Gorgeous

Not Tiny, but Still Small, and Absolutely Gorgeous

This rustic tiny log "Cabin Title 58" is the perfect spot for spending summer and yearly vacations away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We all need a little time away now and again, especially from these busy lives we lead, full of deadlines, technology and workloads.

This tiny cabin is a nice spot to destress and spend time with family and friends and live technology free for a while. This rustic tiny cabin has the perfect wrap around covered porch, it has two bedrooms in the upstairs tiny cabin loft space, so there is enough room to make your stay comfortable. The logs used on the cabin still have the bark on so that adds a nice rustic look and appeal to the tiny cabin. The blue door on this tiny cabin is a great touch, it adds a certain charm to the place. Have you ever stayed in a tiny cabin? This cute tiny cabin is surrounded by forest, so you know there will be wildlife around, and the sounds of nature which is always nice, and especially fun for the kids. You could spend time at this tiny cabin going for hikes through the forest, along with cycling and long walks where you can enjoy all sorts of things in a natural setting like this. As the world gets busier and busier, spending time away in a tiny cabin in the woods, is just the thing we all need, now and again.

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When it comes to getting tiny house inspirations and ideas, there is no shortage of places to look. There is so much to choose from that you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the great tiny house designs, and tiny house styles out there. But not to worry, it's easy to like more than one design, it can help if you keep a vision board, or notebook with printouts, sketches, details and ideas that you can look back to, time and time again. In time you will feel yourself being drawn to one design over another. It also helps to talk to other tiny house owners, tiny house builder, watch a tiny house television show, or watch one of the many tiny house videos that you can find on the internet. You might even consider going on a tiny house vacation somewhere in the world, that way you will get a first hand feeling what tiny house life is all about, and what things you would like in your tiny house space, and the things you can do without. With tiny house living being more popular than ever, there has never been a more exciting time to be getting into tiny house living, what you give up on space you definitely will gain in design.

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