Not Much Larger than the Average Log Home – Just Beautifully Designed (Click for Floor Plan)

Not Much Larger than the Average Log Home – Just Beautifully Designed (Click for Floor Plan)

Did this Inexpensive, Beautifully-Crafted and Spacious 2 Bedroom Log Home catch your eye? The floor plans look pretty attractive as well, if you can take just a moment to walk through them. Designed by FinEstAm Log Cabins, this two-level log home comes with 856 square feet and has two covered porches, one on each level. The lower porch sits just outside the Great Room on the first floor, and the second one adds outdoor space to an already generously-sized bedroom upstairs. This log home has plenty of large windows and even two skylights for optimum natural lighting inside.

From the moment you walk into this log home, you will notice all of the space it has to offer – starting with the open-concept living room, dining room, and kitchen areas all merging into one Great Room. You’ll also find a utility room and a full bathroom down here as well as sufficient closet space. Once upstairs, you’ll be impressed by the landing that overlooks the lower level, as well as the two spacious bedrooms - one of which, as mentioned earlier, opens into its own romantic Juliette-style balcony. What a wonderful way to bring the inside out! On this level especially, you’ll also notice the natural light pouring in through the windows and strategically-placed skylights above. The prospect of turning a log home vision into a reality can be as expensive as it is intimidating; that’s why it’s always so heartening to find a log cabin home like this one on the market, especially one built with such expert craftsmanship.

If you plan to build a log home, it’s always a wise idea to do as much research as you can before you begin. That way, you’ll know what you’re getting into. There is plenty of information available on the Internet, but that can get a little overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where to start or who to trust. That’s why it’s always good to speak with people who have first-hand experience and to start collecting word-of-mouth referrals. If you have friends who have gone ahead and built their own log homes, feel free to ask them for advice. Another thing you can do is simply drive around your neighbourhood and pick out the log homes that best reflect the log home of your dreams, then you can – very politely - contact the owners via phone or email, compliment them on their log cabin and let them know you’re planning on building one of your own as well. Tell them any sage advice they could offer would be of great assistance to you and your family. If they agree to share their experiences with you, they can save you countless mistakes and headaches in the future.

With their home-base in Ringwood, Hampshire in the UK, FinEstAm Log Cabins are a very fine example of who to hire for your log home project. This is a family business that’s been going strong for over twenty years. These quality craftsmen have a great deal of experienced-based knowledge at their fingertips and can offer you sound advice on the construction of your new log home. In addition to log cabin homes and log houses, they also create residential log cabins, mobile log cabins, summer log homes, garden cabins, garden offices, school classrooms, sports pavilions, chalet homes, lodges, and even stationary timber caravans. FinEstAm Log Cabins are one of the top log cabin builders and designers in the United Kingdom, serving Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, and they are now expanding into France and Spain. If FinEstAm continues to grow, perhaps one day they will expand into North America as well, where their services and business ethics would be valued by many.

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