New Red Cedar Cabin

New Red Cedar Cabin

This new Red Cedar cabin located in Estell Springs, Tennessee may be small at under three hundred square feet, but it is fully equipped for simple living in style. Solidly built with Tennessee Red Cedar wood, this cute little cabin amazingly fits a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom with tub and shower. It even has an electric fireplace to keep you warm in the winter and it is fully insulated, so it is suitable for almost any climate. The swinging wooden chairs are a fun addition for those lazy summer afternoons spent relaxing on the porch.

You may be surprised to learn that Tennessee Red Cedar is not actually a true cedar tree. Also known as Eastern Red Cedar, Aromatic Cedar or Red Juniper, the Juniperus virginiana, or Tennessee Red Cedar, is technically part of the juniper family of trees. It is native to eastern North America, ranging from southern Canada all the way down to Mexico. The Tennessee Red Cedar tends to appear as a pioneer species in damaged or disturbed land and the trees can have a lifespan of up to eight hundred and fifty years. This tree is known for its wonderful aroma, hence it is often used for building clothing chests, dressers and closets. The reddish to pinkish colored wood is light, fine-grained, durable and resistant to rot even when exposed to moisture.

On the inside of this cozy little cabin the floors, ceiling, counter and table tops are lovingly built from solid Cherry wood. Cherry is a highly desirable wood for furniture construction due to its attractive deep reddish brown color, its cost effectiveness and its smooth, solid finish. Traditionally Cherry wood has often been used for elaborately carved designs in elegant furniture pieces such as sleigh bed frames and dressers. A unique feature of Cherry wood is that it tends to darken over time as it ages.

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