Never Ending Desk

Never Ending Desk

The smooth curves and sleek design of the never ending desk make it a unique and interesting piece. With three drawers tucked into its soft gentle curves and a lift up drafting table top, this desk is both versatile and dynamic. Combining African zebrano hardwood and veneer with European maple, beech wood, MDF and bendable plywood, creator and designer Ferdinand has completed a fabulously fluid desk. The impeccable craftsmanship and tricky building technique make this a project best suited for the very experienced craftsman and women. It is a time consuming project and the never ending desk took almost 6 months to complete! Check out the photos on 'Instructables'.

'Instructables' is a wonderful place to learn how to do just about anything, as well as display projects you are working on and have completed, like the never ending desk. In most instances you will find step by step instructions on how to make, create or build the same thing for yourself. While Ferdinand isn't quite ready to share exactly how he built the never ending desk, you can see the beautifully finished desk, complete with porcupine quill drawer pulls! Perhaps it will inspire you to recreate a never ending desk for yourself or compel you to create something completely different. Viewing what other artisans have done on 'Instructables' is a great way to find inspiration and ideas for projects and designs of your own.

Zebrano wood or zebrawood, is strong and stiff with a fairly high density. It characteristically has open pores and a coarse texture, which means it can be tough to work with. It comes in a light brown or cream color with dark blackish brown streaks vaguely resembling a zebra's stripe, hence it's name. Often chosen for it's bold, unique and wavy or interlocking stripes, it makes for a very interesting and courageous style choice.

To view the never end desk made with zebrano wood and veneer, head on over to 'Instructables' by following the link below.

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