Need Fabulous Blueprints For Your Own Log Cabin?

Need Fabulous Blueprints For Your Own Log Cabin?

Log homes, log cabins, and log cottages have always been a popular style of home, they can be modern, rustic, friendly, comfortable and eco friendly. This "Sandy Creek," log home by E Log Homes is a nice choice if a log cabin build is something your considering.

The Sandy Creek log cabin is a nice size for a small family. The first floor has 1200 square feet, the second floor has 720 square feet, for a total heated area of 1920 square feet, which is a nice size of log home. There is a covered front porch that is 448 square feet, with three bedrooms and two baths. This is an excellent log cabin to live in full time, or for the perfect weekend getaway or vacation home, built by a quality builder that knows what it's doing.

The E Log Homes system has the lowest air infiltration rate of all the log homes tested, and when compared to a computer model of a conventionally built home with 2 by 6 framed insulated walls, the eLogHOme had an annual heating energy prediction that was 7.4 percent better than the conventional home. They specialize in building your log walls correctly,using a true notch and pass system (not butt and pass) that features a factory precut mortise and tenon joint, the company uses hardwood dowel and caulking for all in line vertical log joints, and uses integral double tongue and groove for all horizontal log joints. Now unless you've been doing your log home research a lot of these terms will be foreign to you, that is why it helps to do your research and talk to log home owners and different log home builders to get a good idea what will work best for you.

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