MUST SEE INSIDE this 670 Sqft Tiny Home!

MUST SEE INSIDE this 670 Sqft Tiny Home!

If tiny houses are something you want to see more of, you want to take a closer look at "TONY AND BRADENS LITTLE HOUSE". This tiny house looks to be a laneway house, a concept that has been picking up steam in recent years in Vancouver, British Columbia. This particular tiny house is a two bedroom, two bathrooms tiny house that is 670 square feet, and located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

This beautiful laneway house was designed by Smallworks Studios in Vancouver. This compact laneway house design is a great mortgage helper that homeowners especially love. This tiny house was rented within one week after it being approved by the city for occupancy. This is a traditional style of laneway house. The laneway house also has a roomy study just off the upstairs landing. The laneway house has lots of modern finishes in both the kitchen and the two bathrooms. In the kitchen, there are white cabinets that make the tiny house feel larger. The modern appliances add to the tiny house appeal. There are lots of nice touches in the tiny house space from wall niches and bamboo accents. This laneway house is a nice example of what you can do with a space this size.

This Vancouver laneway house has all that you need to live comfortably, all in a tiny compact size. Outside there is nice landscaping to give the laneway house a good start. Front the moment you get to the front door with its covered entrance, till you get inside and see the open living/dining space. The kitchen is a good size and feels refreshing and clean with its white color palette. Upstairs the dormer offers some more space. With two bedrooms, you can either use one for the kids room in a small family, or you can use it as the guest bedroom when you have someone to stay. This laneway house doesn't feel small and is a good example of what you can achieve in a tiny house space of this size. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms is more space than most people need to live quite comfortably.

Smallhouse Studios specialize in designing and building tiny houses and laneway houses. They have built over 100 beautiful, custom made houses, which makes them the leading laneway house builder. Each of their tiny house designs is made to fit their customers needs. They offer the latest in design ideas and space saving solutions. They have a full-time construction crew that is both experienced and courteous. They always keep a safe and clean work site with as little disturbance to you and your neighbors as possible. You'll want to take a look at their impressive small house and laneway house portfolio.

This is a great site to go if you want to see lots of unique and beautifully designed tiny houses. You will be inspired by the wide variety of tiny house designs, plans, styles, and sizes. There is no shortage of the amazing tiny house designs you will find on this site. Small House Swoon has all sorts of cool tiny houses from boathouses, a Rio Grande small house, peaceful log cabins, Tiny Victorian styled houses, a studio barn that is for writing, and charming tiny house that is on Whitby Island. You'll even find cob houses (yes they still exist), camper spaces and a Collingwood tiny hut. There is no shortage of the tint house ideas you will find on this site, and you will easily find yourself thinking of the tiny spaces after spending time on this site.

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