Mt Hood Tiny House Village Review

Mt Hood Tiny House Village Review

Tiny houses on wheels are so awesome and what is even more awesome than one tiny house is a whole village of tiny houses. Check out this awesome Mt Hood Tiny House Village Review video and see what this village of micro homes is all about. Tiny house design is becoming more popular than ever as the years go one. One of the first Tiny House building companies, Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, has been at it for a while now and there are other tiny house builders and designers creating new and interesting tiny houses on wheels all the time. The micro homes at the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village are all from the Tumbleweed Tiny House collection as well which makes it really great for people who would like to experiment with staying in a tiny house before they build a Tumbleweed Tiny house of their own. Tumbleweed tiny houses come as a shell that you can add all the finishings to. So it shows up with all of the walls, floor and roof in tact and then you can add on the siding, the shingles and finish off the interior. This gives people the chance to give their home some personal style while they finish the project.

As you will see in the video of the Mt Hood Tiny House Village, each of the five tiny houses on wheels each has their own unique personality and tiny house design, and they even have their own names to boot. You have the Atticus tiny house which is very sleek and modern but a bit rugged as well. Then there is the Lincoln tiny house which has more of a rustic vibe like a cabin. There is the Zoe tiny house which is the wild and free kind of eclectic tiny house. And then there is the Scarlett and Savannah tiny houses which are charming and homey with some country style. So depending on what style of decor you like the best, you can choose which tiny house on wheels you will stay in. The tiny house village is located near Welches, Oregon which is out in the woods so it is nice and peaceful. It would be a great place to work into a travel plan of going to Portland so you could get a taste of the city life and then have some down time and quiet time on your vacation as well. The village has beautiful vistas and views of the forest landscape as well as Mount Hood.

These cute little abodes are only around $140 per night to stay in for a night and maybe if you were staying for a longer period of time, you could try out staying in a few different tiny houses there. Tiny house villages are a great alternative to hotels. The tiny houses provide you with a homey place to stay, as well as a kitchen to cook your own meals in and your very own private space. Plus, if you are feeling like socializing there will be neighbours to meet and enjoy chats with too. So if you are considering building a tiny house of your own, try staying in one and see how you like it. Even if you don't want to build a tiny house on wheels of your own, it is still a fun adventure to stay in one for a night or two. The tiny house movement is growing quite quickly these days, and more people are realizing the benefits of living small. Not only does living small have less of a negative impact on the environment, but you also spend less money on utilities and rent so you have money to spare to do the things you actually want to do in life. Check out the teaser video of these awesome little micro homes and see which one you would love to stay in.*

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