Mt. Hood Tiny House Village - Photos and Video!

Mt. Hood Tiny House Village - Photos and Video!

There is so much to love about this Mt. Hood Tiny House Village - Photos and Video! The Mt. Hood Tiny House Village recently opened less than an hour outside of Portland, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Close to Mt. Hood National Forest, it's the perfect small house living escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The tiny homes on wheels offer a unique way to experience the artistry and culinary vibe of the city of Portland while surrounded by the nature of the Pacific Northwest. The Mt. Hood Tiny House Village is a great way to see what it's like to stay in tiny homes on wheels and mini homes on wheels in all of these unique designs. These tiny homes on wheels were all built by "Tumbleweed", with each design being full of character in sizes that range from 175 to 260 square feet. There are five tiny homes on wheels to choose from, available as nightly rentals, with the stunning backdrop of Mount Hood National Forest. The tiny homes on wheels resort are grouped together to promote community, while keeping them separate enough, so each tiny home has individual privacy. Each tiny house design has its picnic table and landscaping. There is a communal fire pit that is positioned in the center of the tiny house village so guests can hang out while roasting s'mores. All of the tiny homes on wheels parked at Mt. Hood Tiny House Village are custom built Tumbleweed models, that allow guests to choose their favorite style and size. All of the mini homes on wheels feature a full kitchen, bathroom with shower, along with an upstairs and downstairs sleeping space. Each of the mobile tiny homes has been given a name and unique design personality.

A couple of the tiny homes on wheels include the Atticus, which is the Tumbleweed Linden design. This tiny home is 178 square feet and sleeps 3 people. The Atticus is a sleek and modern tiny home design that has cedar siding and black accents. You can sit outside and enjoy the stars or search for wildlife from the full sized porch on this tiny house design. This is a great tiny home to spend a romantic getaway, or stay with family and friends. Another of the tiny house designs is the Zoe, which is the Tumbleweed Cypress model. This 196 square foot tiny home sleeps 3. The cute design is painted dark blue with white trim.

The Mt. Hood Tiny House Village has tiny homes on wheels that were built by the "Tumbleweed Tiny House Company," a business that specializes in building tiny homes on wheels. There are several plans from the Cypress, the Elm, the Linden and the Mica to choose. You can also opt to design your tiny house on wheels with this company. You can also learn to build your tiny house designs with "Tumbleweed: with their tiny house workshops all over the country from Sonoma, California, Los Angeles, Houston, Ann Arbor, Colorado Springs, Madison (Wisconsin), Asheville (North Carolina), Boston and Orlando. Their two-day workshops help you build your own Tumbleweed Tiny House RV when youre not sure how or even where to start. The tiny house workshop is full of insightful and extensive information youll need to design and build your very own "Tumbleweed" tiny home. You start by finding the tiny house model you like, then you select the floor plan and choose your layout options. From there, you can select from an array of standard options and upgrades all while learning more about their great RV style tiny homes. *

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