Move Over, Big Villas! Tiny Mobile Houses Are Capturing Homeowners’ Attention Left, Right And Center!

Move Over, Big Villas! Tiny Mobile Houses Are Capturing Homeowners’ Attention Left, Right And Center!

Never have there been so many "Amazing Mobile Homes," then there are today, with a mobile home to suit just about everyone. Mobile homes come in a variety of styles, plans, sizes and designs.

The following are just a couple of the amazing mobile homes you will find on the site. The first little house is called the Mobihut and it is a mobile house designed just for camping. It takes the concept of a traditional mobile house to a whole new level and tries to be more of a vacation home. You can choose the location where you want this small house to be placed and create a one of a kind camping experience. The designers used only sustainable materials to build the tiny house that provides long lasting comfort. This small house is sustainable, you can cut a lot from the heating expenses while still being able to enjoy the warm temperatures inside. Besides this, you can adjust the mobile house interior to your taste and make it simple or luxurious. The mobile house can be adjusted to the needs of two people and can fit up to six people and includes a refrigerator, a stove and a sitting area. In addition, the mobile home can be easily parked in the winter and the plank offers optimal comfort on sunny days.

Another unique mobile home on the site is a Austrian caravan named Wohnwagon, which means living wagon. It is completely off grid, making it the perfect getaway from the city, taking into account that you have a vehicle to tow it to the desired location. The mobile home takes no more room than your usual parking space, the Wohnwagon has a round, larch clad shell, made from local sourced materials. The Austrian manufactured mobile home is also eco-friendly. Not only that, but it has a green roof (with solar panels), sheep wool insulation, rainwater collector, solar water heater and composting toilet, it is also energy-efficient! The caravan also has a retractable patio and awning, which gives you the possibility to make an outdoor living room in minutes. Not to mention the minimalist superb interior design, that makes the caravan more comfortable and cozy than any apartment.

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