Moss Creek Luxury Log Home

Moss Creek Luxury Log Home

Log homes, log cabins, and log cottages have always been a popular style of home, available in a variety of designs, styles and plans from modern, to rustic, to comfortable and eco friendly. This "Moss Creek Luxury Log Home," just goes to show how far log homes have come.

Moss Creek Luxury log homes are rustic timber frame or log home designs, located in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. The group are dedicated to the design of rustic American style homes, they are not a drafting or architecture firm, but do design some of the most unique and authentic luxury log homes, cozy log cabins and custom timer frame homes in the country. The designers of Moss Creek travel throughout the United States to continuously to study and interpret the best regionally built historic log and timber frame homes. This dedication and passion to learn gives them knowledge to help you build the home of your dreams, while keeping true to history and tradition using past methods of log home and timber frame construction.

The first step to making your rustic log home dreams come to life is an onsite review, Moss Creek stands with you on your land and listens to you tell us what you love about your location and why you want to build there. This is where we can review both the opportunities and constraints that the site brings to this log home build. This is where Moss Creek can have a conversation with you about your hopes and dreams for your log home design, and what you are looking to build, this is when you can start to block out a footprint of the log home of your dreams, a place that captures the best views and features of the site you have chosen.

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