Modular Log homes and Prefab Log Cabins usually have such

Modular Log homes and Prefab Log Cabins usually have such

Modular Log homes and Prefab Log Cabins usually have such large variety of finish levels, and wide array of features to make a first home, vacation home or dream home a reality. This new type of building "modular" homes can save both time and money by being built in fractions of time and cost of other methods! These Beautiful Prefab log cabins can be used from starter homes and vacation homes, to elaborate and custom designed mansions. These beautiful log homes are usually primary residences, contrary to popular belief, instead of being hunting cabins or remote weekend forest getaways. Most families live in log homes close to metropolitan areas. Pre-fabricated modules are "environmentally friendly" comparing to the construction process in modern homes today. Log home and prefab log homes represent a sustainable source of renewable materials that are capable of construction large and safe residences. Using this natural resource adds earthy hues and wooden colors and shades to enhance any living space, inside or out! This building technology uses cutting edge production, plus highly skilled " woodworking craftsmen" and custom tailor each home from the shingles on the roof to the floors beneath your feet.

Nowadays the processes of extracting oil and minerals, combined with mining precious metals, are more harmful to the planet and environment then the process of harvesting wood by using "certified wood" that is "dead wood" (from wind toppled or beetle eaten or even struck by lightning). Harvest methods for this special lumbar are both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Additionally, Lumbar work (like the types needed for modular home building) is easier than: brick, stone, glass or metal works, and other various forms of building methods. Tpbpn Interior Ideas Source via the link below, has the Top 10 Most Beautiful Log Home pictures! Check them out!

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