Modest Coastal Living

Modest Coastal Living

How about the idea of Modern Coastal Living! Oh, the ocean breeze, with subtle scents of sea salt and algae wafting across the land. The sounds of the waves crashing up against the shore, and the abundance of birds sailing across the vast ocean and sky with such grace and serenity.

There's something so inspiring and equally calming about being near the ocean, and to have a home nestled along such a beautiful landscape is a dream come true. Some people choose to go on vacations to get their fix of the beach life, and it's a wonderful experience. But eventually we all need to travel back to our homes in the suburbs or the city, or perhaps the country in some cases. Either way, it's wonderful to get the opportunity to travel in such a way, but then it's also fantastic if you can settle your roots and enjoy vacation life every single day. For many people, this is an aspiring dream, and if you're one of those people then you need to take a look at these images hosted on the "Completely Coastal" website.

Each image displays a unique and beautiful tiny home, each with one thing in common - they're alongside a gorgeous coastal line. The collection demonstrates houses that are totally different from one another, so everyone will be sure to love at least one of them. Some are made with glass and exhilarating vistas while others boast a more modest cottage feel. Whether you like a modern look or a more traditional style, you'll love these images.

If you're dreaming of your next vacation, or retirement, or maybe a cottage home, take a look at these pictures for a bit of inspiration. They will likely make you eager to start building or travelling soon, since they are breath taking to look at. Just click on the 'Completely Coastal' website just below for more.

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