Modern Tiny Cabin Inspired by Birds and UFOs

Modern Tiny Cabin Inspired by Birds and UFOs

If you adore tiny houses and log cabins, then we’ve got a great one for you – it combines the best of two worlds, and in more ways than one. These days, tiny house designers are taking their inspiration from just about anything they can dream of. But how about birds and UFOs? That’s what one talented designer did in Austria. Peter Jungmann has created this adorable tiny house in the Alps, and he’s called it “Ufogel”.

If we saw this lovely tiny home in the Austrian landscape, high up in the Alps, we wouldn’t be able to resist moseying on up to it and peeking in the windows. We really enjoy travelling, and when searching for a place to stay, we consistently do it just as much for the experience as we do for the actual roof over our head. We love staying in unique and simple accommodations that are beautiful in their own way. For this reason, the Ufogel is one we would most definitely consider! Not only is it streamlined and minimalist, this lovely little cabin is one of the most original tiny homes we’ve ever seen. And believe us, we’ve seen a lot of tiny houses and cabins!

Imagine meandering your way up the lovely little gravel path, towards the little cabin, the mountains all around you in the background. The first thing you will notice is the run-of-the mill yet rather peculiar exterior. Truly, it looks like a strangely-shaped shack of some sort. But then you get up closer, and then you start to understand. It’s actually a bird! And it’s not just any bird either. It’s a UFO bird. Yes, that’s right. “Ufogel” means “UFO-Bird in German”. And that’s exactly what this beautiful little structure is. It even has a smoke stack that looks like a long beak. And the steps going up to the front door… Remind you of something? How about all those retractable staircases you’ve seen in alien movies?

If the Ufogel is an unidentified flying object-bird on the outside, then what the heck is it on the inside? When you do get up enough nerve to peep in those windows (no you won’t be kidnapped by bird-shaped aliens), you will be most pleasantly surprised!

Light, light, and more light! The inside is wonderfully and ingeniously lit. You will never be at loss for light in this beautiful tiny place. Ufogel’s interior uses the contrasting naturalness of wood finish with futuristic stainless steel. The result is a both ancient and ultra-post-modern at the same time. In addition, elegantly slatted windows are able to cast the light downward at very sharp angles, lighting the Ufogel’s insides in artistically UFO-ish ways.

Oh, and just look at the sleeping nook! Wouldn’t you just love to curl up there for an afternoon? With this nook strategically placed in one window and a lofty queen-sized bed upstairs on the far wall, there’s still tons of space left! Enough for another bed or two. And there’s also a wood stove, dining room, and immaculate kitchen area.

And don’t forget the bathroom. There’s even a bathroom, complete with a shower, in this deliciously original tiny house creation. We’d just love to move into this sweet nest for a while. Wouldn’t you? What a lovely little bird’s haven to curl up in – and what a view from those windows! And the best news about it is? Well, it is for rent of course. Yes, you can stay here, whenever you like, the next time you’re in this neck of the woods.

We’ve now viewed this modern tiny cabin in the Alps, and we’ve given it five stars - it truly is a place worth visiting for a week or two or maybe even three!

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