Modern Small House Designs And Plans Cool Design

Modern Small House Designs And Plans Cool Design

These "Modern Small House Designs And Plans Cool Design" are stunning examples of what a modern tiny house community could look like, with their straight, clean lines, stunning pool and beautiful covered patios. All over the world you are seeing more and more tiny house designs, from modern, rustic, craftsman and log cabins. There really is no limit to the types of small home designs available.

Tiny house living may not be for everyone, but can be a great choice for a lot of potential homeowners. Tiny house living is showing people that they don't need the large sized homes they have become accustomed to, but rather small living can open up and offer them freedom in other ways. Some possibilities that tiny home ownership can afford are the chance to own a tiny home outright, not having to live paycheck to paycheck, having more money to travel and do the things you want, and spending less on the maintenance, taxes and upkeep of your home. Also a tiny house is much easier to clean, and you don't have to buy as much stuff to fill your tiny house space, again a moneysaver!

When it comes to designing and choosing the tiny house of your dreams, you might feel yourself being a bit overwhelmed. What with all those tiny house options out there from modern, rustic, log cabins, cob cottages, treehouse, tiny houses on wheels, prefabricated tiny houses and so much more, it's not easy trying to choose which one you like the most. That is why it's a good idea, to make use of all the great tiny house resources out there, from tiny house websites, tiny house television shows, design magazines and other tiny house owners. By looking around, talking to people and seeing lots of tiny house designs you will eventually be drawn to the style and design that is best for you. As important as determining the tiny house design that is best for you, is the property or place that you will build or set up your tiny house. Will you go for something close to nature? Or do you prefer to live in the city, close to lots of fun and people? You will also have to look into your local regulations when it comes to tiny homes, and see what is and is not allowed.

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The small/tiny house movement is the name given for the growing trend of living in small /tiny homes, along with a move towards living more simply. Living simply for many means reducing the amount of stuff/possessions someone owns. Living in a tiny house, means having less space and in turn having to downsize and keep only the possessions that a person/family needs. A tiny house is a return to living in smaller sized houses, which usually means living in a house that is way less than 1,000 square feet. Tiny houses on wheels is also a growing trend, and often compared to RV living.

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