Modern Prefab Cabin Costs Only $57k FEELS VERY Spacious Inside

Modern Prefab Cabin Costs Only $57k FEELS VERY Spacious Inside

I think its possible to make your dreams come true on a limited budget, you may have to change what your ideal size of home might be but it's certainly feasible to build the home of your dreams. With that said I recently came across some photos of a Modern Prefab Cabin Costs Only $57k FEELS VERY Spacious Inside, and while it might have been smaller than what we have become accustomed to, it certainly made up on both the design and appeal of a beautiful home.

Today there are so many options from tiny and small homes, yurts, short buses, campers and prefab homes and cabins to choose from. With a limited budget you will want something simple and small in design. Perhaps a simple rectangular design like this one with just 336 square feet of living space. With a kitchen on one end, built in sleeping berths, built in storage, an outhouse with bathroom facilities and a wood stove for heat.

People are always surprised at what little space they really need to be comfortable, as we have become accustomed to such big spaces. But with big spaces come bigger mortgages, more cleaning and essentially more space to fill. What really matters in life is having a comfortable space one to sleep in, to cook your meals, to hang out in with friends and family and of course a bathroom is essential.

The nice thing about a smaller space is there is less space to clean and furnish, and with a smaller space you can't help to go outside more and enjoy the outdoors, whether that be hiking, gardening, swimming or just lounging on your outside patio with your beautiful view of nature.

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