Minimalist Tiny House

Minimalist Tiny House

There are all sorts of funky homes out there and this minimalist tiny house is definitely one of the more interesting ones we have seen! Peter Jungmann designed this Ufogel which is a mix of a UFO and a vogel which is the word for bird, in German. The house is definitely a lot different than the others around it in the Tyrolean Mountains. It is propped up on stilts so that it can be up higher off of the ground, to get in as much of the beautiful view as possible. This is why it looks so much like a bird, the stilts and the long triangular bit that comes out of it into the ground, looks like a beak as well.

The whole home is 485 square feet in total, and has a very large sleeping loft with a huge bed in it. It looks like 2 queen sized beds put together! So there is plenty of sleeping room. There is plenty of lounging room too, there are pillows strewn everywhere, all over the wooden bench built in seating, that most likely doubles as storage perhaps. The minimal feel of the house keeps it feeling really light and airy, so it definitely doesn't feel at all crowded or like there is not enough space.

The kitchen is, again, very minimal, but stunning, with all of the stainless steel, even on the counter tops. The wood burning oven is really a beautiful piece, and I have never seen one that looks so modern and chic. It has also a side burner feature on it, so you can put a kettle for boiling water on it while the fire blazes away. It looks like a very efficient piece and really fits in well with the modern design of the home.

The windows are another amazing feature, he installed several windows of different sizes, to have views from everywhere in the house. I especially love the window that is angled and flows into one of the seating areas in the place. It looks so futuristic and stylish. The bathroom is also very minimal and chic, with a full glass shower and a gorgeous deep stainless steel sink. Overall it is such an inspiring home that is also a piece of art! The thought and imagination that went into this home is astounding and Peter should be really proud of how it all turned out! Maybe if you are ever in the area, you could go and check it out! Head over to 'Tine House Websites' to check it out in all it's glory by following the link in the description below!

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