Micro Log Cabin

Micro Log Cabin

If you are living considering a log home, there are a few things that you will appreciate knowing in regards to the maintenance. Logs are a natural resource and just like conventional housing there are things to do to keep your home in tip top shape.

Your log house needs protection from UV rays, wind, rain and snow. The suns ultraviolet rays can be dangerous to the surface of your log cabin. According to Austen Lansing, the ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause cellular damage in the surface of wood. If these damaged wood cells are not removed, they become a food source for micro fungi. As the fungal growth progresses, the wood become darker and eventually begins to rot. To avoid this, you can plant trees to the west and south side of your home to keep it in the shade.

Your log house also needs protection from the wind. The wind can speed up drying, cracking and chinking. Most log homes will require chinking as they logs dry and shrink over the years. The wind has an abrasive effect on the wood when dirt and sand particles are pounding against the surface throughout the year, Lansing says. Consider positioning your house in the lot in a manner that will windy conditions. Again, you can plant trees on the west and south sides of the house.

Always remember this because this is very important: precipitation is the log homes greatest foe. Cleaning, Staining and sealing should be done on a regular basis. Also, work properly on the gutters. Deep overhangs will also help decks and sidewalk from draining away from home.

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