Masterful Log House Design & Must See Interior

Masterful Log House Design & Must See Interior

Log houses are some of the most beautiful structures in existence. This Generously Designed Log House from Blockhaus Impressionen is a fine example of a hand crafted log house in a communal setting. Often times you will see log houses off on their own, out in nature most likely, surrounded by trees and nature. This community seems to be surrounded by all of that, plus, a nice grouping of neighbouring log houses. Wouldn't it be so lovely to live in a village like this where everyone lives in log houses? It would be very common to see a community like this in a place like Switzerland or in the mountains of the United States or Canada. Typically mountain towns and places that experience cold weather love log houses since they are able to weather the storms and the freezing cold temperatures that come with living in the mountains. The view surrounding this log house is simply amazing and would be a joy to look out at every single day, no matter what the weather brought.

As you can see in the photos on the Blockhaus Impressionen website, the house is made up of round logs, which is typically the traditional way of building log houses and cabins. Now, you can find log home building kits that are comprised of manufactured, square logs that are made from the heartwood of the log, which is the inner centre of the log where the wood will be the strongest. The tree grows outward from the heart wood, gaining strength as the tree grows. Then, there is also the D log which is quite popular as well. The logs that are cut into shapes in this way are a bit more affordable than using the fully rounded logs in the log home building process since they take up less of the tree's wood. People may think that it's not environmentally friendly to cut down trees to build houses out of, but it is actually a very renewable resource since it is required that all trees used for lumber and logs come from sustainable tree plantations. These plantations have strict rules and operations that ensure the quality control and the use of these trees to make sure that nothing is wasted. They also prevent old growth forests from being chopped down since the trees are grown and used as they are needed.

If you like the look of this log house from Blockhaus Impressionen, you may want to go with building a handcrafted log house rather than a log house from a log home building package. The amazing work of craftsmen takes time and precision and the skills that they have acquired over the years while building log houses for a living. Many of the techniques they use have been passed down from craftsmen before, and the traditions go back to Sweden in ancient times. The Swedish people were the first to introduce log home construction as a means of building houses and creating the first colonies in North America. They taught the other European immigrants how to build their log houses from scratch and how to even dismantle them to rebuild them at a new location. Many log houses were built as temporary structures until a larger log home could be built, and then once the family moved into the new house, the old log house would become barn space for the animals. There are still log structures that remain standing after hundreds of years in North America as well as Europe. In Sweden there is an old log church that has been standing for 500 years which is absolutely incredible and really speaks volumes about their durability.***

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