Man Builds His Own Debt-free Island Made of Trash

Man Builds His Own Debt-free Island Made of Trash

One man's trash is another man's treasure, and this is certainly the case for the gentleman from this amazing article. This Man Builds His Own Debt-free Island Made of Trash! Richart Sowa literally built his own floating island home, off of the amazing Isla Mujeres, in Mexico, out of a bunch of garbage! How awesome is that?! Richart, an Eco Architect, created this island from trash he collected over the years and has been living on this island for 6 years and showing people around his place since 2008. He uses trash that floats, like plastic containers and bags to make layers of trash and earth so that his island can float freely.

This article has some great photos and a video tour of his own debt free island he built from scratch. He gives tours of his place for 50 pesos, so you can even check it out if you are in the area. He is a very bright, charming and wise man with a lot of great information to share, and a great energy about him. You can tell he just loves to share the information he knows with people. He had another island that he unfortunately lost to a hurricane, but he never gave up, and worked hard to make his dream a reality.

The plastics that he made his island out of, will not disintegrate, because they are not exposed to UV rays which is what usually makes them brake down over time. He says that his island could last centuries! The house that he lives in is made from earth and concrete, like an adobe earth house, and is totally solid and stable. He even has a cute little sink beautifully made out of seashells, a shower and a composting toilet. There is lots of plant life growing abundantly on his island too! What an amazing guy and a really cool island! Check out Richart's debt free island made of trash, by heading over to 'Tiny House Talk' . Just follow the link in the description below for more!

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