Man Builds $1,000 Tiny Home Using Open Source Design, and It's Lovely Inside

Man Builds $1,000 Tiny Home Using Open Source Design, and It's Lovely Inside

Many people are exploring the different possibilities for affordable, and eco friendly homes. This Man Builds 1,000 Tiny Home Using Open Source Design and is a great inspiration for others who would like to build themselves a small home. Tiny House Talk takes a tour of this tiny home, that Ryan Frank built in Spain. He built the house that he and his girlfriend live in full time, and he says that in total, it would all together cost around 1000 Euro and about 100 hours of time. Ryan had also thought of building a yurt or a dome house, but he found this arched type of home, that looks like a boat turned upside-down. They are commonly called a bow structure or a gothic arch style. He found many of them were used as green houses, covered with plastic. He took this a step further and insulated it with sheep's wool and then covered it with canvas for the roof.

Ryan says that it is the warmest house he has ever lived in and the best insulated, so that says a lot. The canvas also creates a breathable barrier that can breathe and allow the humidity out. They have a small solar panel that they use for the minimal electricity they use. They have a trailer, that they use for the kitchen, which has a tiny stove and oven in it, where they can make their own bread, and other food. They don't have a fridge, since they just get what they want to eat daily from the market and eat it within the day or two. He would like to get a gas fridge, and he actually has tried to build a evaporative fridge, but they didn't really work out how he wanted it to. They also have an outdoor shower, which would be lovely, especially in the heat. They have a composting toilet, that is also separate from the main living and sleeping space.

Living small, is not for everyone, but, as he shows, it is a great way to live. But you do feel a lot more connected to nature in this way, and you definitely have an appreciation for what you own and your time that is not spent having to work so much. Its a great chance to experiment, and to build your own furniture and make your own garden, to grow your own food. This is a great way to live very sustainably with nature, you might be able to work a lot less and have more free time to do the things you actually love to do. This is what the tiny house movement is all about really, is finding a way to live within your means so that you are not exhausting yourself trying to maintain a lifestyle that you don't even want, with a big house and all of the responsibility that goes along with that.

There are so many more people choosing to live in this way, and it is creating a revolution! We as humans are re evaluating how we live, and the quality of our lives, and we want to bring in more of the freedom that being self reliant can give us.

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