Making a Cook Top Wood Stove from a 55 Gallon Drum

Making a Cook Top Wood Stove from a 55 Gallon Drum

A lot of people may not realize that everyday products can be used in ways that they are not intended. One thing that can be turned into something useful is a 55-gallon drum. This idea is something useful when it comes to cooking and for easy storage; this is called a cook top wood stove. In order to make it function properly, there are certain steps that you need to follow. The most significant is the firebox as this area is used to burn the wood in order to create the heat.

There are numerous parts and pieces that are essential to build a cook top wood stove. One major thing that is needed is a door for the firebox. In order to complete the cook top wood stove, one of the essential step is welding. This is not actually a skill that anyone possess, so if you are not familiar of doing it find someone to perform it for you. It has to be noted also that in order to complete this project, it needs proper safety. Use proper protection when doing the task with fire, hot and sharp power tools. Remember to put on gloves, ear plugs and goggles. Painting is optional, but if you want to be stylish; paint spray for about two cans will make it look much better.

For all of you DIY people enthusiast out there, here is an interesting video with instructions on how to make a cook top stove from a 55 gallon drum. This project is aimed towards the handyman that has access to the tools needed and you need to have some welding knowledge. The cost of materials excluding the barrel should not exceed to $25-$30. If you are curious how to put it together just watch the instructional video. Have fun and best of luck!

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