Make Your Own Tree String

Make Your Own Tree String

A beautiful oak tree is always relaxing to look at. But, by hanging a tree swing, you can enjoy its shade while you are having fun! So, how do you make your own tree swing? Read on.

1. For the seat, you will need one 2x4x8 piece of wood, one 1x2x8 for the top, a long rope of at least 40 ft enough to hang the wing from the branch. Also make sure the rope is durable enough to support even an adult weight. You will also need two clamps, wood glue, and drills to make a hole for your rope. Also include eight wood screws that are 1 and a half long, paint, sand paper and a 2-3/8 chain quick link.

2. First, cut the 2x4x8 wood into two that measures 2.5 long. Cut another two wood pieces that measure 8 long. The two longer pieces should be placed side by side, gluing the long sides altogether. Also glue the other two shorter pieces to make sure they do not overlap. Clamp them immediately to make sure they are in place.

3. Let it dry for at least 20 minutes and begin to pre-drill screw holes in each corner of the short piece. Make sure you dont drill too close to the edges. Paint if you like.

4. Drill a couple more holes in the outer corners of each ending. Again, make sure not to split your wood by getting too close to the edge. You can sand and paint as you like.

5. Cut the rope about 5 long to make two lengths and attach to the seat. Tie it on a double overhand knot while doing the same on the other side.

6. Cut the remaining of your rope in half enough to make about 15 feet of each. If you have a higher branch, you will obviously need more. Hold the rope in one hand at the end and the other end about four feet above. Fold it altogether and tie it up enough to make a loop left. Attach the end to the loop using your chain quick links. Do the same with the other side.

7. Next, cut your 1x2x8 piece of wood to make 2.5 long. Drill each end about 1 and centered.

Always check all the knots by using it before allowing anyone else to sit on it.

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