Make Healthier Choices With Some Help from This Clever Safe

Make Healthier Choices With Some Help from This Clever Safe

In this age of technology, we all love new gadgets that make our lives easier or help us out in some way. Now you can make healthier choices with some help from this clever safe that locks your food inside for a predetermined amount of time. May sound a little strange to think that you would want to lock away your food, but its not meant for foods that are good for your health and wellbeing. The whole idea behind this food safe is to lock within it unhealthy foods that you may find tempting to binge on so you're not tempted to eat too much. So if you're like a lot of people and can't resist the cookies or candies in your kitchen pantry, this safe, called the kSafe, formerly known as the Kitchen Safe, was an invention developed by scientists from leading colleges in the US. The kitchen safe was designed to help people stay committed to their health goals, by making unhealthy foods unavailable, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The kSafe locks the tempting treats inside of a clear container, with a locking lid on top. The lid has a dial that when turned, will increase time on a digital clock and once the time has run out, the lid with then unlock providing access to the treats.

It's a pretty cool contraption when you think about it, especially if you are trying to improve your overall health and wellbeing by reducing your consumption of unhealthy items. The great video on Tip Hero showcases exactly how you can use the kSafe and shows people putting cookies, donuts, cupcakes, candies and other dessert items into the box, locking it for hours or even days until they can have another one. Once you take out the amount you want or are allowing yourself, you put the lid back on and set the timer for when you will be able to have your next treat, so you don't run the risk of giving into temptation. For those not only wanting to improve their health and wellbeing by improving their food choices, but you can also lock your television remote, your computer mouse or your smart phone in the box for a set amount of time to have a mental break from technology. What a great idea for kids and adults alike. We could all benefit from less screen time, and it would help us do other things that would contribute to a healthy lifestyle like getting outside and enjoying some fresh air and nature, or working out, maybe reading a book or being fully present with a person we want to spend time with.

Some parents also give their kids time-outs on their phones so the kSafe would also be a great place to lock up their phone for a period of time. You can lock the safe for as little as one minute, up to ten days, so if you wanted to lock it for longer than ten days, you would have to reset it once the time ran out. And don't worry, in case of an emergency, the safe will break so you can get the contents out. There are different sizes of containers depending on what you want to use the safe for too, and they are made with BPA-free materials, so they won't contaminate your food items. You can find these safes at a kitchen gadget store, or purchase them online. Enjoy watching the fun video showcasing the kSafe on Tip Hero and be sure to check out some of the other cool articles, healthy lifestyle information and recipes on their great website. There is definitely something for everyone on Tip Hero.***

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