Maintaining A Rustic Holiday Cabin In The Woods Has Never Been Easier!

Maintaining A Rustic Holiday Cabin In The Woods Has Never Been Easier!

Wouldn't you love to live in A Rustic Little Cabin in the Woods? With all of the people wanting to move out of the city and start a more peaceful life, building a log home seems like a great way to go. The thing is, it doesn't have to be huge and stately to be liveable! You can have a beautiful little log cabin like this one from My Wood Home Cabin. The smaller homes are sometimes even cuter and cozier, and really exemplify what it was like when people lived in houses that were no bigger than this in early days. All people really needed was a roof over their heads, a fire too keep warm and cook with and a floor to sleep on. People didn't really mind too much how big it was, in fact the smaller they could manage, the better! If the house was small, it would be better able to keep the heat in without having to use too much fire wood, which was labour some to obtain.

The Amundsons, built their cabin in only three months time too, and it was fairly affordable due to the size. They wanted something reminiscent of the Little House on the Prairie, something simple, and that they would love to live in. June and Greg Amundson, designed their little log house, that measures out to be 18 feet by 18 feet in size. Just big enough to fit their king sized bed, and a fire place at the end of the bed, with a little kitchenette off to the side. There was a loft for their kids to sleep in as well. It really does sound like something out of the pioneer days doesn't it? They mostly just used it for the summer times, and spent all summer long there with the kids and the dogs.

They all loved to explore in nature around the cabin so much and go for rides on the ATVs on the property which was a wide expanse of forest. Greg braved weekends at the cabin in the cold winters, going out there alone to do some snowshoeing or to hunt. They made many amazing memories at the cabin during the summers over the years as their kids grew up. Family would come out and stay with them too. They even would see some of the amazing wildlife in the forest surrounding their cabin. The cabin itself looks so beautiful, just the right size for a family for a recreational property. There is even a screened in area on the porch which is great for summer nights.

The Amundsons have since sold their cabin, in 2010, but they really cherish all of the memories they made over all of those summers there and they really recommend having a cabin to any family. It is a great place to get away, to relax and unwind, and it is really easy to unplug from electronics too, since there is no wifi, and no TV or anything. This creates a lot more time to just be. To relax and play games, and just enjoy the company of the ones you love. It is something we should all experience at some point in our lives!

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