Luxury Treehouse

Luxury Treehouse

Through the years, there is one dream I've held, and that is the thought of one day owning and living in a treehouse, there is even one on my inspiration board, awash with glowing candles, looking cosy and inviting. So of course when I saw this "Luxury Treehouse," I couldn't help but take in every photo and detail, of this gorgeous structure.

This treehouse known as "Tom's Treehouse" is at Camp Wandawega, a private resort for friends and family, with a strict no walk in policy, which is too bad, because I would really like to visit this treehouse. But for now I will just have to look at the photos, and dream a little more. This beautiful treehouse overlooking the lake, has a great peaked roof, lots of wood throughout, wrap around balcony (which if you ask me is perfect), lots of window all around to gather all the lovely natural light (and of course to gaze at the lake), a big antler chandelier, rope swing hanging from the tree the treehouse sits on, and a patio directly below the treehouse, with a wooden table and sitting area (again perfect). Below is a half court basketball court, on a property with a shower building, mess hall, log cabin and cedar cabin.

These people know what they are doing, and it's such an excellent plan, I can't help but to pass it along. When these people get together they have a mass of activities to play and have fun, in this idyllic setting, activities such as archery, volleyball, fishing, canoeing, basketball, hiking, bonfires, shuffleboard, and on and on. This place really is inspiring, I can't imagine anyone not wanting to live in a treehouse, or at least vacation in one, sleeping in the trees is the thing dreams are made of.

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