Lovely Handbuilt House (& Other Structures)

Lovely Handbuilt House (& Other Structures)

Are you looking for a lovely handbuilt tiny house in the Clifton Arizona area or one to move wherever you like? Well you neednt search any further! This sweet little home is completely mobile and even comes with a few extras a 6000+ square foot town lot, a storage shed, and a pavilion. Hand-crafted from several different kinds of woods like pine, fir, oak, and cedar, this well-insulated, one-bedroom tiny house includes all utilities like water, gas, and communications. The bedroom is big enough for a queen-sized bed and also has its very own closet. The house has a full bathroom and a beautiful hand-made front porch too!

Just what is the tiny house movement anyway? Basically, more and more people are turning to tiny houses as a viable alternative to large-scale living. If you take a moment to consider that the average American house is approximately 2700 square feet, while the average tiny home is up to 400 square feet or even smaller, you can appreciate just how much people are willing to downsize. And tiny houses can be very creative - now available in all different kinds of designs, all with a primary focus on space saving and smart storage options.

People are jumping on the tiny house bandwagon for all kinds of practical reasons, but the main ones are living a greener, more cost-effective, and simplified life. We really dont need all that space, and we really dont need all that stuff! Tiny house living also offers people a lot more time and freedom. These days, so many North Americans are spending a third to a half of their annual income on their homes. Many are in debt, living from paycheck to paycheck, slaving at jobs they hate to make their mortgage, repair, and property tax payments.

Tiny house living appeals to so many people because it gives them the opportunity to live exactly within their means, without having to go into debt. People can pay for their new homes either outright or within a very reasonable amount of time. Upkeep and maintenance for tiny houses are minimal because youre not dealing with a lot of space. Theyre even much easier to keep clean! Tiny houses - like this one - can also be quite mobile, so people have more freedom to move around if they choose to.

To learn more about this lovely handbuilt house and the other structures that come with it, please visit the Tiny House Listings website, below!

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