Look! This former circus wagon has been converted into a TINY HOME!

Look! This former circus wagon has been converted into a TINY HOME!

The tiny house movement is more popular than ever, and shows no sign of slowing down with a variety of tiny house builds to be found all over the world, whether it be a hand built cob cottage, tiny log cabin, or beach shack. "Look! This former circus wagon has been converted into a TINY HOME!," and you'll want to take a look at the photos to see this unique tiny house on wheels.

This Ninks Circus Wagon was built in the 1920,s, and is now being used as a modern tiny house, the circus wagon was once use as an actual caravan in the travelling circus days. Back when they were popular the caravans, or "Showman's wagon" as they were sometimes called, were considered to be palaces on wheels. This past circus wagon is now owned by a modern circus performer, but in the past would have been used by the ringmaster. The tiny home has three bedrooms, built in seating, and lots of storage. The Ninks Circus Wagon is like a tiny house mansion.

In order to preserve the circus wagon's original and amazing interior, the cooking are is at a minimal. This unique antique tiny house is comfortable and cozy and full of beautiful details. You will want to look at all the photos to see the original ceilings, window, and wall designs. The location of this unique circus wagon tiny house is on a beautiful 60 acres of sweeping, and tranquil farmland, extending the small interior space outside. There is also a peaceful lake minutes from the tiny house, and the Medieval town of Shrewsbury, to add to its appeal. This site is full of lots of inspiring, uplifting and engaging stories to keep you entertained all day long.

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