Look at that porch ! Take a virtual tour of the 3000 Square Foot Virginian Log Home for $197,000.

Look at that porch ! Take a virtual tour of the 3000 Square Foot Virginian Log Home for $197,000.

This spectacular log home is irresistibly priced to sell and is absolutely fantastic. Look at that porch! Take a virtual tour of the 3,000 square foot Virginia log home for $197,000! It has not only one porch but 3 porches! Pour yourself a cup of cold sweet tea and head outside to enjoy the quiet peacefulness of nature. Just inside the door is a large foyer to welcome you and your loved ones home. Warm yourself in front of the large fireplace that pops, sizzles and glows with embers. Gather with the family for a game of charades in the family room. Or sit down to a delicious meal in the large dining room. At the end of the day tuck your little ones into any of the three spacious bedrooms up stairs. Then, light some candles, pour a glass of wine, run yourself a bubble bath and unwind in your soaker tub. Later you can relax in bed with a good book and the soft glow of firelight from the master suite fireplace. This is a beautiful home with incredible, unique and interesting chainsaw carvings in the interior pillars and stair end posts. They have truly brought the outside, inside.

Who exactly invented the chainsaw? While many chainsaw manufacturers claim to have invented the chainsaw, it is Andreas Stihl who patented the "Cutoff Chainsaw for Electric Power" in 1926. He went on to patent the first gas powered chainsaw called a tree felling machine in 1929. It is Stihl who is most frequently credited with inventing the mobile and motorized chainsaws that we recognize today. Though some research shows that master of prosthesis, Bernard Heine, may have actually invented something very similar to the chainsaw. Many years prior, in the 1830's, Heine's invented a surgical tool called the osteotome. Regardless of who invented the chainsaw, there are many extremely talented men and women who can carve fantastic images with them.

Check out some examples of chainsaw carving in the 3,0000 square foot Virginian log home on 'eLog Homes'. 'eLog Homes' is a company based on integrity and highest quality craftsmanship. Each special touch in this gorgeous log home has been carefully and expertly planned and executed. 'eLog Homes' staff are ready to answer any questions you have and are willing to help you through each and every stage of planning, preparing, designing and building your dream log home. You are guaranteed to have kind, caring, courteous and expert staff to help you. With many designs to choose from, as well as numerous options, you can have your new home in as little as 9 weeks! To take a virtual tour of the Virginian log home, visit 'eLog Homes' by following the link below.

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